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Again, with all your support, participation and contribution, we have successfully organised our 1st Ball Breaker Run during our 12th anniversary celebration.

We had closed to 500 registered participants for our Ball Breaker Run and Fun Run. For the first time, we have so many walk-in participants and we had run out of T-shirt for a number of participants. Thanks for their continuous support.

For Ball Breaker run, there were 196 hashers registered. There were 123 Ball Breaker Finishers. 1st Ball Breaker Finisher completed in 4hr 47min. And the last FINISHER returned safely at 8.02pm at the same time Opening Ceremony had just started. There was no major injury but some cut, bruise and scratch observed from the participants. With the "HO LAN XI" blue finishing T wearing on, all pains turn into achievement, success and PROUD!

For Fun Run, there were about 250 runners participated. They had conquered closed to 8km journey and they were safely returned at 6.00pm. Swept by the pair of our Diamond Sweepers, TongZhan and GouPaoChoon, no worry at all.

Once again, thanks for your participation. We hope that you have fun and enjoyed the trails and programs provided. Even if there is any problem, with hash spirit, no running problem, no drinking problem and no causing problem. ON ON

ON ON!! 时间表

Welcome to our SH4 runs for a friendship, healthy and fun!

Run Date RUN SITE 地点
619 21/9/14 Sg. Jelok
620 28/9/14 Sg. Long
621 5/10/14 Hulu Langat Agro Tek

Run on every Sundays at 5pm sharp!
Rain or shine! On On

星期日 傍晚五时正准时开跑! 风雨无阻!
走山 + 快乐 = 身心健康

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

SH4 1st Ball Breaker Run - Official Result

* 196 registered for Ball Breaker Run
* 123 Finishers
* All safely returned at 8:02 pm.

1) FeiRen 飞人 (CH4) #066 4hr 47min
2) Super Old Man (SH4) #138 4:53
3) Ngon Gui (PJ Hash) #032 4:56
4) Malay Cai #044 4:57
5) SinKaLan (Mantin Hash) #009 4:57
6) Ah Kah (Mother Hash) #039 4:59
7) Speedy (Friday Hash) #051 5:02
8) Hiew (Mother Hash) #037 5:03
9) Pou Fong 暴风 (Baby Hash) #194 5:03
10)Kenny (Baby Hash) #086 5:05

1) MaTaiSo (SH4) #124 5hr 05min
2) Chili Padi (Kajang Hash) #100 5:15
3) PiuMui表妹 (CH4) #065 5:35
4) Joanne Cheah (PJ Harriers) #023 5:40
5) June Teoh (Batu Pahat Hash) #068 5:41
6) Swee Lan (Port Dickson Hash) #030 5:56
7) Ruth Yap (Gasing Hash) #098 6:16
8) Soda (SH4) #127 6:28
9) Meng So (SH4) #163 6:40
10) Bawang Kecil #184 7:07

* Congratulation to TOP 10 FINISHERS! PROUD of YOU!
* Congratulation to all 123 Ball Breaker FINISHERS for successfully completed the 25km super long journey! KEEP IT UP!
* Congratulation to all 73 hashers who had DARE TO FAIL and DO THEIR BEST! TRY AGAIN!

* Special thanks to NO HAIR and TAI LA PA for their dedication and responsible as SWEEPER. They had spent 8 hours in the jungle with the last runners.
* Special thanks to Ah Meng and Mountain Goat plus a few hashers who had taken 3 months and >10 time setting this TRUE Mountain hiking, rivers crossing, muddy trail and tar running 25 km challenging BALL BREAKER trail.
* Special thanks to our UNSUNG HEROES from SH4 committee and volunteers. Without you, this event will not be successfully ran and executed. Thanks for your support and care to the runners in the 3 water stations and finishing line.

Once again, thanks for all the support from various chapters and friends. To us, this is a successfully 1st Ball Breaker Run. We do hope that you had a good experience, had fun and enjoyed the challenges with SH4. ON ON

Sunday, June 29, 2014

SH4 12th Anniversary Celebration!!
Date:   14/09/14 Sunday
                    Nian Jue Lin, Jalan Kacau.
Damage:  Ball Breaker   RM100
                    Fun Run          RM70

Celebration Committee:
GM  卖菜仔
OC  FunTong & FitLo
On Sec  SaiTan
On Cash  619
On Audit  Uncle 6 &
Set Run  Ming, PuiPuiLok & Mont.Goat
Run Site  KingKong, Uncle 6, AngGeAng & 肥福
Food  海龙王,叉烧,烧包 & 海草
Shirt  FitSo
Drink  红龙,阿代&大声公
Medals & Gifts  Soda
Security & Parking    朱肠粉
Reception  Follow Me
And all committee members and group leaders.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

SH4 on Charity

Thanks to 8 hash members from Sunday Hash who had donated their cash prizes won from "Larian Yu Hua" 育华行。

Total sum of RM1,500 will be donated to SMJK Yu Hua. TQVM.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

SH4 1st Committee Meeting Announcement

Dear SH4 members & Hashers,
SH4 1st Committee Meeting held on 29/11/13.

The committee has decided to run the following events in 2014:
16/02/14 SH4 CNY Run (SH4, 马到功成!)
27/07/14 SH4 1st Ball Breaker Run
07/09/14 SH4 12th Anniversary Run

The details will be provided when closer to the event date. Please book these days in your dairy/ calendar. Looking for your support and participants. ON ON

ake this opportunity to share "SH4 2013/2014 committee list" with some members being appointed on roles that will strengthen the SH4 organisation and running spirit. 

Sunday Hash House Harriers & Harriettes (SH4) 
星期天捷兔会 (2013-2014)

Advisory Board 长老会 
Lau Tan (老蛋) 
Mau Mau Tan (毛毛蛋) 

SH4 Mismanagement Board 不会理事会

Grandmaster 主席: MaiChoyChai @卖菜仔

Joint Master 副主席: PuiPuiLok @杯杯落

Joint Mistress副女主席: HoiChow @海草

On-Sec总务: SaiTan @细蛋   Assist副:SayKiokSeh@四脚蛇

On-Cash 财政:619 @捞一块  Assist副:Red Dragon @红龙

Inter Hash-Sec 外交:FitLo佬
Assist副:No Hair @无毛
Hoi Long Wong @海龙王
Ma Tai Soh @马大嫂
Follow-me @跟我来
Hash Meng @明
Chu Chong Fun @朱肠粉

Auditors 查帐: Uncle Six  FatFook @肥福

Hash Bard 吟唱: KoPauChon@谷爆春  Tong Zan @唐僧

Hash Spy二五仔: KingKong @金刚
MountainGoat @山羊
11XO @日日壽
1616 @一碌一碌

Group Leader 各组组长
Group 1:Hippo @河马
Group 2:Soda @苏打
Group 3:FunTong @饭桶
Group 4:Little Sweet @小糖
Group 5:DreamGirl @梦中情人
Group 6:Ang Ge Ang@红果红
Group 7:Kuo Wong @歌王
Group 8:Xiu Bao @烧包
Group 9:Botak @光头
Group 10 :Borong Lau @批发佬

Congratulation to them! ON ON

SH4 On-Sec

Saturday, November 9, 2013


SH4 has successfully raised RM3000 for the donation to PKKKII (Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Insan)

1) Chee Wah 100   2) 海龙王 100   3)烧包 100
4)Red Dragon 100  5) Ah Meng 100  6) One Stone 100
7) 豪哥100   8) Fit Lo 100   9) Mount. Goat 100
10) Iron man 100   11) Lau Tan 100   12) Sai Tan 170
13) LauTanPo 100   14) FLZ 100   15) 619  100
16) ANgeline 100   17) Ah Cheng 50   18) San Kai 20
19) ZUCheongFun 30   20) 100K 50   21) KC 20
22) AC Man 100   23) Fat Look 100   24) MaTaiSo 20
25) XiuTong 50   26) 1919 200   27) Lucky 100
28) Lee Ai Yee 100   29) MaiDa 10   30)Bawang Besar 100
31) BaoDing 300   32) LauHockLeng 30   33) GouBaoChun 50

Saturday, September 28, 2013


奉天承运 皇帝诏曰

感谢所有到来庆祝SH4 十一诞辰的各界人士。



Thank you to all hashers who have participated in SH4 11 anniversary run celebration. With your full support, we managed to run the event smoothly. We hope that you have enjoyed in our event.

Thanks to all the hashers who have dared to step forward to step to perform in the games. You are the best!